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Course Description

Course Aid Stations

100 mile course 

50 mile course 

Miles 1 - 35

Waterloo - Pinckney Trail

Runners follow the roller coaster of sandy hills along the Waterloo-Pinckney trail and meadow until the trail’s terminus near Silver Lake in Pinckney State Recreation Area. 


Here, runners continue their Huron 100 journey by traveling north along the east side of a local classic: the Potawatomi (Poto) Trail. The Poto Trail, known for its rolling hills and stunning single track, offers runners plenty of boardwalks and bridge crossings, over waterways and through marshes. The course encompasses roughly half of this iconic trail, following it up steep inclines and through wetlands. 

Starting Line

Waterloo State Rec Area

Runners line up at the West side of Waterloo State Recreation Area, near the beginning of the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail.


The Waterloo-Pinckney (WP) Trail is a local treasure.  Beautiful single track journeys through oak forests and over rocky, hilly terrain. This trail is a rite of passage for local trail runners and fittingly comprises roughly the first third of the Huron 100 course.

Miles 35 - 50

Lakeland Trail

At the top of the Poto Trail, runners leave the marked trail behind and follow dirt roads until they reach the northern section of Pinckney State Recreation Area on Kelly Road. Here, runners continue to climb hills through sandy terrain before leaving the park and continuing to the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail.


The Lakelands Trail is a paved multiple-use trail that takes runners eastward across Livingston County through pastures, picturesque wetlands, and residential woodlands.  It offers a welcome reprieve from the relentless hills and technical footing of single track.

Miles 66 - 75

Huron Meadows

Runners depart Brighton State Recreation Area and head towards Huron Meadows Metropark by way of Hammel Road. Huron Meadows Metropark is a hidden local gem whose nature trails include both single track and wider trails where racers can run side-by-side with their pacers. 


Leaving Huron Meadows, racers cross through Legacy Sports Center and under Highway 23,  catching a bike trail up to Island Lake State Recreation Area. Although the terrain is less idyllic, the miles are brief, and the smooth path is a welcome change.

Miles 50 - 66

Brighton State Rec Area

From the Lakeland Trail runners head up Chambers Road. This is the first opportunity to pick up pacers, surely a welcomed highlight. Chambers Road is a gently rolling dirt road that eventually connects to the West side of Brighton State Recreation Area. 


Brighton State Recreation Area is home to miles of trails traversing thick hedgerows, deciduous woods and grassy marshes.  Trail lovers are happy to get back onto mostly single track for the next 16 miles.  Taking a challenging turn, the course continues onto the infamous Torn Shirt Trail.  Known for its steep climbs and rocky descents, the course winds its way through the flowing and often dizzying single track. 

Miles 92 - 100

Proud Lake State Rec 

Here, runners leave Kensington and cross over South Milford Road onto the Kensington-Proud Lake connector trails. The dense hedgerow and sometimes grassy paths certainly see much suffering as the runners enter the final miles. 


These trails dutifully shepherd runners into Proud Lake State Recreation Area. Smelling the pine trees, and perhaps the finish line, runners open up over these relatively flat, sometimes wide, but absolutely beautiful trails.

Miles 84-92

Kensington Metropark 

Kensington Metropark is well known for its paved multi-use path that travels around Kent Lake.  As the sun rises, racers are treated to some gorgeous views of the lake catching the early morning light before veering off onto the lesser traveled horse trails. 


The Kensington horse trails are rustic and footing is challenging.  With wooded and hilly terrain, the trail steadily heads to the northern end of the park where folks rarely go on foot. 

Miles 75 - 84

Brighton State Rec Area 

With less than a marathon remaining, runners enter Island Lake State Recreation Area (ILSRA) on the Blue Trail.  The Blue Trail is an easy trail rolling through miles of peaceful woodland.   Racers enjoy getting back onto some gentle single track. After the Spring Mill Pond aid station at Mile 82, runners make their way to the ILSRA trail head where they pick up the Yellow Trail. 


The Yellow Trail travels through pine and deciduous forest along the Huron River and eventually leads runners to the Hiking trail.  On the hiking trail, runners meander through open woods and meadows.  They pass under Highway 96, leaving ILSRA and entering into Kensington Metropark.

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