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100 miles through the Huron River Watershed

100 miles

Point to point

82% trail

8200 ft

Cumulative gain

Max elevation 1100ft

31 hours

Total time allotted

9 different regional parks 

June 8th

Saturday June 8th, 2024



The Huron 100 is a one hundred mile point to point trail race through the Huron River Watershed. The course features 9 different parks throughout Southeast Michigan and highlights all the immaculate beauty the region has to offer.

This epic course was methodically created and designed by Dan Hughes, who has spent the better part of 3 years scouting, adventuring and plotting in the area with hopes of one day making his dream a reality.

Huron 100

100 mile foot race

50 mile foot race


Saturday June 8th, 2024

10:00AM EST 


Waterloo State Recreation Area
Portage Lake

Cut Off

100 mile [31 hours]

50 mile [16 hours]

Huron 100 Highlights

Huron River Watershed 

Never been to SE Michigan before? Don't let this region sleep on you, there is gold in these here woods! The trails in this area are buttery, fast and well maintained. Don't be fooled, the Huron 100 course can be and IS brutal to all those who attempt to come and Kumbaya. If you consider yourself a fast ultra runner, however, your shot at a sub 24 hour finish isn't totally out of the cards...

Point to Point 

The Huron 100 course is a true adventure. From the sandy hills of the Waterloo Pinckney Trail, to the pines of Huron Meadows, to the bridges of Proud Lake, you will traverse some of the most breathtaking sites the Huron Watershed has to offer. None of that looping jazz either, when you finish you'll be 100 miles away (sort of) from where you began. 

Great course, better people

Although the Huron 100 started as just one man's dream, over the past 3 years it has turned into a culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of truly wonderful people. In 2022, Dan ran the first ever Huron 100 with the help of his family and a few buds. In 2023 over 50 people showed up, runners & volunteers alike, to help bring this dream to fruition. Come join us in 2024 and be part of the first "official" running of the Huron 100! 

Huron 100 is a registered 501c3

Oh you thought the Huron 100 was for profit? Sure we like to pay ourselves back for all of the expenses that go into putting this amazing event on, but after that, all proceeds from the race go back to support the Huron River Watershed. We love these trails and want to see them flourish! Come see for yourself and help us fuel the wellbeing of this beautiful area. 


Drop us a line

Look how excited Chaz is about you wanting to get in touch with us! Let us know what you're looking for and we'll getcha dialed 

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